Our fees are arranged by our freelance escorts and are therefore not negotiable. Our agency accepts cash or bitcoin transfer. Rates will differ due to the top model you choose, duration and the location. The prices of our ladies can range from $US300 to $US5000 subject to your choices. You are able to check the base rates of our escorts on their profiles in the Gallery tab, but please be aware, travel costs (such as taxis) are not included in their base rates.

An alternative way of booking an appointment, as long as it is not with in the next 24 hours, is to email us with your name, telephone number and email address and we can respond to you. Naturally, we will be extremely discreet and will only save your details upon your request. We will arrange to contact you as per your instruction and we do not sell or advertise by email and so you will not receive any unsolicited contact by our agency after your booking.


Upon her arrival, if you feel she is not appropriate for you, you have the right to cancel the rendezvous within the first 10 minutes by calling the agency or ask the model to call us in your presence. In these circumstances, we ask you to compensate her for travel costs, normally just her taxi fare. At times the model may want to cancel the date. If so, she must call the agency immediately with you being present and all costs will be hers. If you are forced to change your schedule unexpectedly, you must inform us one hour before your date is due to arrive with no penalty. If you fail to attend, you will be liable for the full fee, or face being barred from ever using Freelance Top Models Agency again.


You will be required to provide your full name that you are registered with at your hotel, hotel address and room number to book an appointment. Our agency will verify the details of new clients to ensure details you have provided are genuine. We will always be discreet. Home dates will only be provided for regular clients with no exception, for safety reasons.


We will pass on your requests to the escort you are having the date with, but prior contact with the lady will not be permissible as we will not provide her details to you nor your details to her, to ensure the privacy of both the ladies and gentlemen.  Our models are freelance escorts and have chosen our agency to handle all their appointments so they can avoid all private contact surrounding the date. We employ a very strict privacy policy to assist us to keep all dates confidential and, to ensure this, you are prohibited from giving your details or asking the escort for their details in order to guarantee everybody’s privacy. If you ignore these privacy conditions and endeavour to contact the models by any form of social media, you will be barred from ever using Freelance Top Models Agency again.


Please make it a habit to always act in a gentlemanly manner when dealing with our agency staff or models. We are selective with our clientele and will politely refuse any booking request if you are not showing any respect. We cater only to the most refined gentlemen and therefore, reserve the right to refuse a date request from any caller. Our ladies desire to exchange energies with a privileged few honourable, well-informed and respectful gentlemen to share their mutually enjoyable meetings.


Freelance Top Models Agency does not indulge in any illegal or immoral services. You pay for the time you spend with the model, anything that occurs during the appointment is the choice of two consenting adults. The deal is for the agreed time only. We hold no responsibility for the conduct of any parties. We cannot, therefore, be held responsible or accountable for the actions of the involved parties or for any situation that results during or at any time after the booking and as such the above-mentioned parties are responsible for their own actions. Freelance Top Models Agency cannot be held liable. Every one of our models is a freelance escort and is responsible for themselves and independent. At all times the client must treat the ladies with respect and all actions performed must be mutually agreed upon and encouraging the models to partake in the consumption of illegal substances or excessive alcohol is strictly forbidden. We would remind you for the duration of her contracted time the model is fully under your protection and care. Filming or any photography is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise agreed upon with the agency on the model’s behalf. The client shall not introduce a third party into the deal. The content of this website is strictly for people who are 18 years or older. This website is a promotional platform for companion providers and the service we provide is marketing management and arranging appointments for model’s time and models are booked for social engagements or companionship only.